Monday, August 20, 2012

Highway to Hell

I've been going through all my files lately.  I was a bit of a pack rat when it came to rock and roll. If it had my name in it, I kept it. I've got magazines, tear sheets, check stubs and ticket stubs in boxes along with all the slides and negatives and prints. (Should have kept more of the tee shirts though) Trying to get it organized and I've set aside a bit of time each week for that purpose. Don't really want to hand it off to an intern, I like that it triggers lots of memories.

This morning I was scanning AC/DC tear sheets and found this one of Bon Scott. It was published after his death in 1980. I remember how upset I was when it happened, and I was still kind of upset today when I found this. He was a great front man. And so good looking.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I Wanna Thank You

 I've been looking at photos this week (what a surprise!) and out of the files came pictures of some of the behind-the-music people who were an important part of my rock and roll life. The record company publicists I worked with, the security guys at the shows who helped me out. Rock and roll is fun, but these were the people who made it even better. I may not remember all your names (hey, it's been a long, long time), but I certainly do remember you. And I thank you all. 

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