Monday, January 10, 2011

Rich Girl (Daryl Hall)

It's nice to be published in a magazine again. Last week's New York magazine did a story on Daryl Hall, using my photograph from 1977. Here's a link to the story.  Oh, and choosing Rich Girl as the title of this blog post-- yes, I was being sarcastic. There's not much money in editorial photography. (If I had really wanted to be a rich girl, I would have gotten into advertising photography). But I have to say, I always had a lot of fun. And as for Daryl, last week wasn't the first time I had a photo of him published.

I actually worked with Daryl Hall and John Oates a lot back then. I think that this was my first published picture of Daryl, other than what may have run in the trades. It was shot in the summer of 1977 in their trailer in Central Park. And remember the Elton John story I posted ("I don't read that trash"), when I saw Daryl after this picture was published in Circus, he was the one who mentioned it to me, and told me that he really liked it. Now that's the kind of person he is, and why I always enjoyed working with him. Great guy, great musician. I love that he's still making music! And who knows, maybe our paths will cross again one day. It's really been way too long.


  1. Awesome pics!!! I actually ordered a back issue of NY Mag the other day so I could have a hard copy! Great work!

  2. Thanks Kerri! Glad you like the pictures! I have more on my archive site, and MORE TO COME! Check them out at


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