Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Passion Is No Ordinary Word pt.2 (Graham Parker)

OK, I've let this blog slide a bit for the last couple of weeks. I do try to post regularly, and I started this one on time. I could use the excuse that I was getting ready for an exhibition of photographs (the Lucky Cats are now on their way to Los Angeles for a show at No Roses), but the real reason was that this post was hard to write. 

I missed Graham Parker playing with Garland Jeffreys recently, so I really really wanted to go hear him play at City Winery in NYC on April 2. Brought my camera. (I actually emailed the guy in charge and got permission--closest thing to a photo pass in years!) City Winery is a new venue for me, a place with tables and barstools, and servers walking around. So I walked around too. City Winery even had poles where I could stand and shoot, like the sorely missed Bottom Line in NYC. The light could have been better but hey, at least it wasn't red. 
Graham Parker at City Winery, April 2011
So I was glad to see Graham on stage after all this time. Instead of a band, he had Mike Gent with him, playing guitar and singing backup. Gent opened the show, too, but no one at my table was impressed.

I titled these posts about Graham with his song "Passion Is No Ordinary Word." Boy, did I miss the passion at this show. And I missed Graham Parker, the rocker. I know, I know, he's older now, but there was a taste of what was missing when he came back onstage for the encore. Kicked ass then. This was what I came here for. Too little though, and much too late.
Graham Parker at City Winery, April 2011
can't say I know every album he's made, but I do have several, and I still play them a lot. His choice of songs for this show left much to be desired. I still don't get it. There were times when he even said that he was going to sing the worst song on the album. 

Maybe he needed a band. Maybe he needed better backup. Maybe he just needed more passion.


  1. Sheri, Sorry you didn't like my opening set or my backing GP.
    Mike Gent

  2. p.s. My table is not impressed with your photos from the show. ;-/

  3. were you even at the same show?

    most entertaining solo (or near solo) GP show i've ever seen.

    ma'am, you are nuts.

  4. yeah.

    and your photos do stink. i mean, whats that blue dot thingty on GP's head? seems your camera might have had a bit too much of the Graham Parker chardonnay at the winery... no?

    Should have been at the last GP show to sample the GP/Figgs Pinot. It was sublime.


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