Monday, November 8, 2010

Whole Lotta Love, part 2 (Led Zeppelin)

I'd been a fan of Led Zeppelin since their first album, despite the fact that I usually wasn't into any kind of arena rock. No Pink Floyd or Aerosmith in my archive. But I thought there was still a bit of bluesy authenticity to their sound, so I wanted to shoot the show at Madison Square Garden. I'd have preferred a much smaller venue, but yeah right, that wasn't about to happen. I knew someone at Swan Song, Led Zep's label, so I was able to set up a meeting at their office. For whatever reason, he couldn't give me a photo pass --I think they had all been given out by then, or maybe it was because I was only shooting on spec-- but he did give me tickets for really good seats and told me I could shoot the show from the audience. 

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, 1977

So I did. The Garden wasn't my usual venue so I was stuck in my seat, but nobody hassled me. It was a different perspective from what I was used to, and too far away for my taste, but I was still able to take pictures. I was even able to get them published in magazines like Hit Parader and Hard RockOne of the first photographs I sold through a gallery was this one of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Lately I've been getting requests for John Bonham, the drummer who died in 1980. Preferably at his drum kit. Hey, I'm looking, I'm looking.

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