Monday, May 23, 2011

Look Sharp! (Joe Jackson)

I liked photographing Joe Jackson. He always made it interesting, like when he was performing with FUBAR the robot. Loved the songs, too. Is She Really Going Out With Him? Still makes me smile, every time I hear those chords at the beginning. Every single time.

Joe Jackson and FUBAR at The Palladium, 1979

I was warned about Joe Jackson though. He doesn't like photographers, they told me, gives them a hard time. You don't want to go backstage and bother him. Yeah, well. I went backstage anyway. He was great. Posed for me and everything. Don't believe everything they tell you. 

Backstage at the Bottom Line, 1979
Backstage at the Bottom Line, 1979
This shot ran in CREEM. Check out the receipt I got from the magazine. Low tech even for its time. I can't believe I still have stuff like this, but I do. More to scan.

Jackson's new live album is coming out next month. Should be interesting, he toured last year with his original bassist and drummer. Here's a link to his recent interview with Billboard Magazine. 

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