Sunday, September 23, 2012

Born in the USA (Bruce Springsteen)

Happy Birthday Bruce Springsteen! 63. Wow.

Here's Bruce in 1985. My cousin was working for the big ticket company at the time, and would get me seats for Bruce, usually in the back. This time, my aunt Hannah asked to go, so Fred gave her 4 tickets up near the stage and my friends Ronnie and Panos came with us. The seats weren't as close as I like (yes, I'm very spoiled- I'm still never happy unless I'm right by the stage) but since I started going to Springsteen concerts after I stopped photographing professionally, this was the closest I got to Bruce. Probably not my best shots that night either - I was more interested in watching than shooting that day.

Not long after the show started, everyone was standing on their chairs. If you didn't, you couldn't see. I was really impressed when Hannah, with a little help, stood on her chair with the rest of us. She was probably around the same age then as Bruce is now. 

I miss going to those Bruce concerts. It's been a while now. I miss Hannah too.

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  1. These were a fun selection of rock photos, thanks for posting!


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