Sunday, September 16, 2012

Two Tickets to Paradise (Eddie Money)

So I'm watching the news this morning but not paying attention when the commercials come on. Then, all of a sudden I hear Two Tickets to Paradise so I look up. Eddie Money. Wow. I rewind it to the beginning and find it's one of those nonsensical commercials for GEICO, featuring the "Eddie Money Travel Agency." Two tickets to paradise. Of course. Nice to see he's still around.

Back in the day, Eddie Money was on Columbia Records, which wasn't one of the companies I did work for. But I liked his music and managed to get to see him and photograph him a number of times. (As I like to say, it's good to have friends in the castle- in this case, at the press gate of the Dr. Pepper Music Festival.) Never printed any of the photos, never got asked to submit these pictures to any magazines, but I still went to the shows when I could. 

So here's the first look at a couple of the photos. 

Central Park, July 1980
Playing the sax. Central Park, July 1979

Oh, and here's the GEICO video if you want to see it.

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