Sunday, February 20, 2011

Barstool Blues

I've been published a lot over the years, and the number of times (and ways) my name has been misspelled is truly amazing. I use my full name as my photo credit. Back in the day, every print I sent out to a magazine had it stamped on the back, and all the invoices I sent out had it written in big letters at the top. Didn't make the slightest bit of difference. Sherry, Cheri, you name it. 

Neil Young photo credited to Cheri. Really?

Well, whatever. I've even had Lynn spelled Lyn. (And that happened again just recently when PhotoShelter mentioned me on their blog. Oops.) Once, a magazine even put my name as Sheri Baker. (More on that story in a later post.) 

Sheri Lyn Behr's the credit on this photo
 of Rick Derringer in Hard Rock magazine

Closeup of the photo credit.

And of course, sometimes they would forget to put any credit at all. I did like it when they apologized for that. 

But as I would say at the time, as long as I can cash the check…  

Oh, and if you ever meet me face to face or send me an email... I'm Sheri. 
Just Sheri. 

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