Friday, February 11, 2011

A Big Thank You

Last night I was invited to speak at Take 5ive, a Dada inspired info exchange party where ten professionals each have up to five minutes to talk about a photo-related subject. The theme of the evening was "Press" and it was great to show my rock photos to a roomful of people who really seemed to enjoy the work. I felt like a rockstar myself! And I also got to catch up with some friends, and meet some people in the offline world who I knew through Facebook. A really fun night. Thanks to Chrissy, Hans, and the others from win-initative, and of course, many thanks to Elizabeth Avedon for suggesting that I participate.

And the other speakers were great--Ruben Natal-San Miguel, Elizabeth Barragan, Susan May TellBryan Formhals, Alison Zavos, Ted Sabarese, Sam Friedman, Gabriela Herman (loved her photos of bloggers which were on exhibit at the event) and Gemma Fleming. Check them out. Not rock and roll, but definitely worth a look.


  1. Your presentation and your photographs really rocked the night for everyone! Also love the post about your work on Lenscratch today.

  2. Thanks so much Elizabeth. Couldn't have done it without you!


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