Sunday, June 26, 2011

On The Road Again

I do try to keep up with this blog, one post a week. I know people who are posting every single day, and I admire them. But much as I love this rock and roll work, the year is 2011, not 1979 (which was a very good year I must say) and I have other work, other photo projects that keep me busy. I have an exhibition of Lucky Cats (another icon that poses with its fist in the air) at No Roses Gallery in Sherman Oaks, CA right now, and that's kept me pretty busy. 

So no stories this week, just some photos I like a lot which don't actually come with stories anyway. I needed an excuse to post them here without writing about them. Not every show came with interesting anecdotes. But they did come with visually and musically interesting performers. Most of them. And the performers I photographed were an eclectic group. Worked for me.

Ray Davies at the Palladium in 1978

Bonnie Raitt at the Dr. Pepper Music Festival in 1977

Richard Hell at the Palladium in 1978 

Bob Seger at Nassau Coliseum in 1978

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