Sunday, June 5, 2011


I've been looking through the archives lately for more than just the photos. I've collected some odd things over the years, and I still have many of them. Though I do miss my Foghat Fog hat.

These garters were used as photo passes during the Some Girls Rolling Stones tour. Yep, you had to wear one in order to shoot the show. You should've seen a blue garter like this one on the bicep of a big, burly Associated Press guy at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia. Which reminds me--PHOTOGRAPH EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY. You'll never know what you'll wish you had all those years later. But hey, I still have the garters! 

Rolling Stones photo passes
Top: Palladium, Bottom: JFK Stadium

The stuff the record companies came up with as marketing gimmicks... this is a Pat Benatar pack of gum (unopened, so I don't really know what's inside. Besides the gum of course. 

Pat Benatar gum: Front

Pat Benatar gum: Back

More to come...

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